The tower isn't known for its real estate value.

A tall tower stands in the center of the poisoned landscape. You have trouble guessing why someone would live in a place such as this.

The Alchemist's Tower is a tall, cylindrical structure standing at the centre of the Red Forest, constructed of limestone thought to come from the nearby quarry. Upon discovery, it appeared to have only a single occupant: a long-dead man who was, according to his notes and possessions, a thoroughly-accomplished alchemist. It was later found that his name was Baron Firth, though this was likely a pseudonym.

The tower has construction similar to both Sosostriss' Tower and Valconey's Tower; it has only a single room on the top floor, accessed by climbing a spiral staircase around the large central atrium. The central atrium was once filled by a giant magical crystal, similar in appearance to the one in Sosostriss' Tower. According to Firth's notes, the crystal was found in Limnol Lake, and likely had an extraterrestrial origin. Presumed to be the source of the corruption that was mutating the trees and poisoning the air of the Red Forest, the crystal was destroyed by the Pathfinders. The alchemist himself was found dead in his chair in the room atop the tower. According to notes left around him, he was apparently killed while performing an experiment to amplify the crystal's power into a protective barrier arround his tower. The elven druids in Alsea were later able to shed light on his fatal error. Based on a description of the field, they agreed that Firth had probably been trying to create a shield similar to Alsea's. However, such shields must be slowly built up over a course of centuries. The elves supposed that Firth's attempt to raise one within a shorter timeframe caused it to burn out of control.

The notes found in Firth's books indicate that he was an experienced alchemist and had recently made the grand discovery of a method for the production of a Universal Explosive. A cabinet in his room contained six powerful magic potions, clearly labelled and proudly displayed, which turned out to be weak substitutes. It was suspected at the time that a thief had taken the originals and replaced them with cheap imitations to avoid detection. This indeed turned out to be the case, as the thief's identity was revealed to be the sorceress Sosostriss, who was playing a practical joke on her colleague.

While Baron Firth's body was buried in an unmarked grave just outside of Willowdale and the large crystal shattered, the tower itself still stands in the center of the forest.


According to Sosostriss, there is a functional arcane portal located within this tower. The Pathfinders have not yet used this portal, either as a destination or as a departure site. The portal leads to the half-moon sculpture atop the tower.