Barrow tara

The barrow motel before renovations

An ancient wight with a paralyzing touch once lived here, but now it is a four-star bed and breakfast.

Located in the Golden Fields one day's march down the road from Willowdale, the Barrow Motel was originally a barrow mound, the resting place of a northern warrior. This grave was marked with ancient runes similar to the modern Giant language and sealed by a large boulder. The interior, filled with ancient remnants of a simple life, was guarded by a wight, since dispatched by the Pathfinders.

In need of a safe resting place during their adventures, the Pathfinders decided to convert the barrow mound into secure lodging. The site was first cleansed of any unholyness by the oracle Jord; renovations were later carried out by Jord and the magical servants of Dr. Haiduc according to archetectural designs by Kat.

In spite of its former use as a grave, the Barrow Motel is now very homey. Inside is a fire pit, a few furnishings including beds and a table with chairs, and a small amount of emergency supplies. It is also often used as a storage facility for a horse-drawn cart. The motel's sturdy door is kept locked, with keys available from Jord, Kat, or Ned.

The entrance was barred briefly by a large rock in order to deter Legio XIII from using it as a base camp during their assault on Willowdale. In the battle's aftermath, the motel was found to have been ransacked by the opposing army; it was later refurbished to its pre-battle state. Though the motel sees less use in recent days due to the nearby location of the significantly more posh Castle Kat, the Barrow Motel is still looked on fondly with nostalgia.