Boar and thistle

An artist's rendition of the inn and tavern.

Voices raised in friendly chatter fill the warm air of the tavern. As you take a seat at one of the tables, a matronly half-orc takes your order, and offers to introduce you to the various patrons.

The Boar & Thistle is an inn and tavern in Willowdale, owned and operated by the half-orc Martha. It has a warm and inviting atmosphere, with a well-stocked bar and a simple yet pleasing menu. Pathfinders looking for lodgings between their journeys look no further then the reasonable and comfortable rooms afforded by the inn.

There is an almost permanent headquarters for the Pathfinders located within the tavern, consisting of a table covered in maps and notes about discoveries, guarded by the watchful eyes of Buttercup and The Grand Cardinal of Willowdale. While there may be another drinking establishment in town, the Boar & Thistle is the de-facto meeting place for Pathfinders, businessmen, merchants and anyone else who has business around or beyond the wall; there is almost always someone who is either looking to hire an adventurer or two, or is looking for adventure themselves. Its cosy atmosphere, good fare and friendly manager means that the Boar & Thistle is also frequented regularly by many of the locals, especially Ned.

As an additional service to the Pathfinders, Martha allows the use of her vault for storage of money and valuables, particularly those of joint ownership that the adventurers can borrow at their leisure. Pathfinders have forgotten many important items in the vault as a result of poor communication.

After paying Martha for construction costs, Rinzler had a small, one-room building built behind the inn. He currently uses it as a personal lab and study, and Martha, besides getting the peace of mind that comes from knowing that potentially flammable experiments aren't being conducted in her place of business, gets to use it as a cabin or storage room after Rinzler finishes in town.


Like the decorated elven statue outside of Ned's General Store, the Boar & Thistle is home to great trophies taken from beyond the wall. Currently the bar features a young black dragon head hanging where an old dire moose head used to hang, as well as a twelve point set of stag horns.