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He is no longer troubling existence with his presence

As you stand in the shadow of the bridge, a javelin-sized arrow pierces the ground next to you. A voice echoes: "The hunt is on".

The Bridge Oni was an ice spirit who guarded the bridge across the chasm in the Northern Badlands. A towering opponent, he wielded a large composite longbow which he used to fire 3 foot long arrows at the adventurers from hundreds of feet away. Once engaged up-close, he revealed that he had an icy breath attack and could fly and turn invisible, in addition to having considerable skill with a blade.

He fancied himself a great hunter, and humanoids his prey. It is speculated however, that he allowed certain creatures to cross his bridge unopposed. He also kept several dozen white kobolds as servants of some capacity.

After his defeat, a large treasure hoard was found within one of the bridge's towers that he was guarding, and what was once known as the Oni Bridge was renamed to honour his slayer, Gorgoroth.

The Bridge Oni was called as a witness against the Pathfinders when they faced the Demiplane of Judgment. Interestingly, he seemed more upset by the fact that his bridge was now without a guardian than by his own death at the hands of the Pathfinders, and did not accept Gorgoroth as a suitable guardian of the bridge.