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A barbarian walks into a bar. The rogue backstabs her. The barbarian takes offence at such insolence and strikes her dead. But it turns out that the rogue had rolled a very successful bluff check, and proceeds to steal all the barbarian's things. Turns out the barbarian had a heart locket with the rogue's picture inside it. The rogue was somewhat creeped out. The barbarian felt betrayed and confused, and sought anger management. The rogue proceeded to roll a successful puberty check.

Cast of the Pathfinder film adaptation:Edit

Ruthea played by Lindsay Lohan

Valconey played by Johnny Depp and Sosostriss played by Helena Bonham Carter (at the urging of mr tim burton)

Sheriff Colquhoun by Uma Thurman

Martha played by Jennifer Connoly (?iono?)

Alejandra played by Zoe Saldana's head CGI'd onto Gerard Butler's body

Jura played by Queen Latifah

Ned played by Steve Smith (keep your stick on the ice)

Rain played by Vin Diesel

Captain Murdoch played by Colin Farrell

Gorgoroth played by Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson

Calmex played by Will Ferrell

Rinzler player by David Tennant

Dr. Haiduc's role offered to Daniel Radcliffe who is hesitant at being typecast

Erevis as Steve Buscemi

Enrique voiced by Antonio Banderas, and Peter Dinklage as body double

Nanny Ogg played by Angela Landsbury

First Disciple voiced by Tim Curry

Weird guy ranting about the Shadow Lodge played by Kyle McLachlan

Enicio Vargas played by Eduardo Noriega/voiced by Javier Bardem

Pathfinder PantheonEdit

Due to their incredible heroics, the Pathfinders have been elevated to the status of minor dieties. What is your PC's domain?

Jura - people who live on the frontier

Enrique - people defending their homeland

Rinzler - people with insatiable curiosity, for curiosity's sake

Kat - people to whom there are no strangers, only unmet friends

Ru - secret-keepers and quest-seekers

Alejandra - families

Roswell - Travelling, maps, and relief from overbearing relatives


Rinzler, he fights for the users. Or wait, is that TRON?

sparklepony more like firepony - 3d6 fire ref for half

{C}NED TRIMMED HIS BEARD AND GOT A REAL JOB If Noale was a deity, her domain would be Powerthirst.

A Hero's GraveEdit


Mirtul 5 2112 - Mirtul 17 2113

It was only a matter of time - DM

Wiki Vandal CornerEdit

(Where the witty wiki vandals go to be preserved for posterity)

Ru is by far the most popular character in the Pathfinder beach volleyball spinoff, because her alternate costumes consist of Cammy's outfit, a chainmail bikini, and a wet t-shirt that says "I heart Arcade"

Wavlyn's true name is "Wavydoodle", and knowing this will summon Cthulhu made of chocolate. Her real familiar is teh penguin of doom, who carries her bukkits.

Jord was quietly reincarnated as a rutebaga werewolf while nobody was looking. He was vehemently against the citrus ninja plan.


Rain's ferverert berks are Gersbermps and he likes pina coladas, and getting caught in himself.


"Oh Rathbone Rathbone Rathbone, he's really really great

Rathbone Rathbone Rathbone, may his greatness bless my plate!"

(this is the official cheer of Team KERRS, aka team idk, aka team idgaf, aka Team Chaotic Awesome)

Rathbone blessing


Totally not a sponsored postEdit

Sawtooth Vale the game is on sale today or idk. I heard it's gud. Link

Axehand, God of DestructionEdit

(Warning: events portrayed may not match canon)

(Sung to the tune of "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer"):

Axehand, God of Destruction, had a very sharpened axe.

It could slice through bone and metal, and makes up for the hand he lacks.

None of the humans liked him, because he was a metal man,

So for a while he wandered, having neither home nor land.

Then in a tavern one dark night, the Arch-Psion said:

Axehand with your hand, my powers, we could make the whole world ours.

Then all the people worshipped, and they shouted out in fear:

Axehand and the Arch-Psion, please don't you come over here!

Hipster Pathfinding

Hipster pathfinding

I was into Pathfinding back when it was about finding paths.

After being a Pathfinder went mainstream, some of the original gang aren't cool with new direction all the bandwagonners are going.

It was only cool because no one else was doing it.

Can Zuni Climb the Ladder?Edit


The "Art" "Collection"Edit

The "Art" "Collection", "Large" "GIF" "Room" Edit


A retired Pathfinder wants you to know: Don't take food from mysterious places.

Getting incapped

whenever you fall unconscious, get crit, or botch on everything, just chant this mantra to keep back your player tears