Doors to the north

Only ruins remain on the surface, but who knows what lies beyond the locked doors underground?

A few scattered ruins of a fortified building stand neglected in the woods. All that remains are some peices of wall and the entrance to a cellar.

In the Great Cedar Forest, many old elven ruins stand scattered through the trees. At this site in particular, near Castle Rock, there remains only a few remnants suggestive of a ruined fort, or other fortified building. The only thing still intact is the entrance to an underground basement.

Within the lower level stood a series of locked doors, labelled "Doors to the North." Each door bore different makers' marks and different materials, suggesting the involvement of many races in their construction. There were a handful of preliminary doors, guarded by a strange trapped tile floor that summoned elementals when non-elves stood on it. Behind the first few doors was an antichamber, where the body of a would-be looter was discovered, apparently killed when he went to open the first true door.

In order, the true doors were Wood, crafted in a halfling fashion, Stone, crafted by gnomes, Iron, crafted by humans, Great Wood, crafted by elves, Great Stone, crafted by dwarves, Great Iron, crafted again in the fashion of humans, and finally Adamantine, which bore the language and markings of dragons. Each door had a riddle written on it in the language of the door's maker that appeared when the door was approached. They all also carried several enchantments apiece to make them more difficult to open, and each door was trapped with a spell of a different element.

After a concerted multi-day effort, the Pathfinders forced the doors open through a combination of wits, magic and explosives. Behind the final door was a projected image of an elf who explained that the doors guarded a repository of knowledge and cultural artifacts from an ancient civilization at war. Among the treasures of the vault were a map of the world and a book chronicling the history of civilization in Laurasia that predated the Apocalypse. The originals of these were sent to Highcombe for safe keeping, while replicas were placed in the Adventurer's Guild library.

The Crystal VaultEdit

Each Pathfinder may place their hands into a large crystal in the final chamber and remove one magical object from within. After the selection has been made, their hands can no longer enter the crystal.

Items recovered include plate armor of the deep, and a staff of healing.