Don't look down.

As you stand at the edge of the massive chasm, you see an equally imposing bridge.

Known formerly as the "Oni Bridge", Gorgoroth's Bridge spans the chasm in the Northern Badlands, continuing the Lost Highway into the Open Steppe. The large cantilevered bridge has two towers, each with a heavy portcullis, and the gates are made of a purple-tinted black stone. A set of stairs lead down from the bridge itself into the chasm, which eventually leads to a dwarven tunnel into the Underdark.

Until his defeat by the Pathfinders, the bridge was guarded by an Oni who had gathered an impressive treasure hoard here. The Pathfinders renamed the bridge after Gorgoroth for his killing blow to the guardian. Besides the Oni, white kobolds were seen on the far side of the bridge, and morlocks crawl in the chasm underneath.

Recent documentary research shows that the bridge was originally called the Firewine Bridge by the elves who constructed it more than two thousand years ago. It was referenced in a letter discovered in the grave of a late adventurer as the first landmark on the path they intended to follow.