Castle rock usually has trees on top of it.

Large cedar trees loom everywhere, but the underbrush is thin and the walk is easy. Every so often, you can hear the chanting and hollering of goblins in the distance.

The Great Cedar Forest is a large expanse of woods predominated by cedars. While it is undoubtedly an old, healthy forest, it is easy to travel and the terrain itself poses little danger, other then the myriad creatures which reside within the shadows of the branches.

The forest is built over ancient elven ruins, and many fragments of worked stone and statues exist between the roots of cedar trees. The Lonesome Road also runs through the woods, creating an easy path for those who would walk it.

The woods are home to rival packs of goblins, owlbears, drakes, animals, and a legendary monster, Chickcharney the Owlbear. An elusive pseudodragon was also met here.

After the Battle of Willowdale, the Laurasian government officially declared the Great Cedar Forest a sovereign nation under the rule of the Firewalker Tribe, in recognition of their contribution to Willowdale's victory.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Firewalker Territory - Where the tribe of goblins who like fire and shaman magic live.
  2. Crow Dog Territory - Where the pack of goblins who prefer tomahawks and worship Chickcharney reside en masse.
  3. Former Barking Wilder Territory - The former territory of a pack of goblins who rode wargs in battle. The pack was wiped out during the Battle of Willowdale.
  4. Former Skull-takers Territory - The former territory of a pack of goblins who preferred using spears and wearing skulls. The pack was wiped out during the Battle of Willowdale.
  5. Sunken Fort - A fort of human design, which in recent years has become nearly submerged in a small lake and is now occupied by lizardfolk.
  6. Barrow Mounds - Two unexplored burial mounds lie undisturbed amongst the trees, some distance away from each other.
  7. Doors to the North - A subterranean hallway beneath some elven ruins, interrupted with doors which were progressively harder to open. An ancient vault was found behind the final door.
  8. Castle Rock - A large, easily defendable mesa in the north-east of the forest.
  9. Korred's Hut - A simple mud hut, home to Korred, trainer of warriors.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. Lonesome Road - Leads east-west, bisecting the forest. The road ends abruptly at the Sunken Fort.