A small, pleasant village that stands protected by the forest.

As you walk into the small village, you marvel at how a cozy little piece of civilization formed this far beyond the wall.

A small halfling village hidden in a wooded area south of the Drunken Frith. The residents farm and keep sheep and goats. Though they rarely see outsiders, they are freindly and welcoming.

The halflings of this village live in almost complete isolation and security. Leaving Gullykin is all but unheard of. Only eccentrics such as Paddledown and Foxglove make the attempt, and it can be a risky adventure.

Gullykin was also the home of the dwarf Yeslick for twenty years after he was blinded in battle.

Sixteen brave halfling sling-hunters joined the Battle of Willowdale, but only six survived the battle. In a hamlet such as Gullykin, this is marked as a great tragedy, but halflings are tough in the face of adversity.


Gullykin is guarded by a spirit known to the villagers as "Greyfoot." Greyfoot protects the villagers, and in times of scarcity leaves them fresh kills from the woods. The villagers in turn leave offerings of food, ale, and song. This spirit is believed by the Pathfinders to be one or more Grey Renders who have adopted Gullykin as a home to protect from outsiders. It is recommended that any travellers to Gullykin bring food and ale to leave for Greyfoot upon entering the woods.