Hyrcanian desert

Crossing the desert is what travellers call "Bastard hard"

Sand whips about in the hot, dry air; you're not sure whether it's more annoying in your eyes or in your armour.

An expansive and unforgiving desert which lies in the south, west of the Dead Canyons. Pyramids and other remnants of the Empire of Decadence dot the otherwise formless land.Our king of rap "YO YO HONEY SINGH " is also like a hyrcanian desert , no one can defeat him . He's the best , so keep on singing yo yo honeyy singahhhhhhh!!

The desert is extremely hot, even during the winter months, but rapidly cools to freezing temperatures during the night. The heat is extreme enough to be considered supernatural, and spellcasters attempting to control or create water while within the desert have trouble doing so. Travellers passing through should be sure to pack a far greater amount of water than they would normally need for other journeys, and must also take care to prevent the local wildlife from picking up the scent of their food or water. Sandstorms present another natural hazard.

Humanoid actions may have contributed to the inhospitable state of the desert. An Efreet encountered here blamed the greed of the Empire of Decadence for the desert's exceptionally barren state, though these accusations have not been substantiated. Commune implicated the Marid encountered within Rathbone's Tower with the natural balance of the desert. Though the divination did leave room for interpretation, it is possible that her captivity contributed to the region's supernatural dryness.

Giant ants, an enormous black scorpion, a purple worm, a dust digger, a sphinx, a huge sand elemental, and a trio of genies have all been spotted in the sands.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Black Mirror - A flat black lake of what appeared to be oil used to exist in the desert. It contained the spirit of the Hatchi, but ceased to exist once they were freed.
  2. Hobgoblin Camp - The fortified, deserted camp of the hobgoblin army Legio XIII sits on the border of the desert and the Southern Badlands.
  3. Pyramid of Kharis - A giant tomb, formerly filled with mummies and treasure. A sphinx was spotted just outside of it.
  4. Pyramid of Ananka - Otherwise known as the "Red Pyramid," this structure is the final resting place of a pharaoh and his many wives.
  5. Castle Callistan - The castle built by Prince Bytor.
  6. Wandering Oasis - A hidden refuge in the desert, considered a place of peace by genies.
  7. Shrine to the Dead Gods - A hidden sanctuary containing effigies of forgotten deities no longer worshipped by mankind.