Real men don't wear shirts.

A gruff-looking veteran works a forge. He grimaces slightly as you approach him.

Jord is a human oracle of battle, and veteran soldier in the armies of Southern Laurasia. He splits his time in Willowdale between working the forges as a weapon and armoursmith near the Temple of Yoma, and working as a guardsman.

Jord has been particularly involved with the Church of St. Christopher, participating in the cleansing of the church and later returning to seek St. Christopher's blessing before the Battle of Willowdale. On this second occasion, he witnessed the miraculous restoration of the church statue.

Jord's harrowing experience in the Witch Woods unfortunately affected his mind. His tics are subtle for the most part, but he has been overheard talking about rutabaga werewolves and citrus ninja, much to the confusion of those nearby.