"Ye pox-faced swine! Tackless squirt from a nightwalker! Take a short stick and pike it, bastard!"

A small dog wearing a pirate hat sits outside. He looks at you suspiciously.

These outlaws were once exiled beyond the wall, where they scraped by on what they could find in the Farsang Fens. For two years, they managed a rough existance in their base, a relatively safe haven from the dangerous Fens.

When first met by the Pathfinders, the Knights traded goods such as salt, pepper, tools, and vermin repellent with the Pathfinders in exchange for elven treasures found in the swamp.

During the Battle of Willowdale, the Knights agreed to come to the aid of the town of Willowdale. After the fighting, they were granted official pardons. Hanz and Kretor were slain during the fight, but were quickly Reincarnated by Jura. Goshan and Rattel remained in Willowdale after the Battle; the rest of the Knights went their separate ways.

The KnightsEdit


A safecracker and de facto spokesman of the group, this friendly older man is in his early forties. He was lightly injured in the Battle of Willowdale. On receiving his pardon moved to Willowdale, took a locksmithing apprenticeship, and quickly entered into a romance with Jura. On Beltane, he proposed. Following the destruction of the Necromancer and the rebuilding of the town of Willowdale, the two were wed, had three children, and were happy together for many years. At Goshan's request the Knights were briefly reassembled to attend the wedding. The Pathfinders and Jura's extended family were also invited.


A young pickpocket who, like Goshan, was happy to talk with visitors. Born human, he is now a half-elf thanks to a Reincarnation spell, and seems to be pleased with this development. He has since left Willowdale in order to travel inner Laurasia.


A smuggler who never spoke to the visiting Pathfinders. A short while after Battle of Willowdale, she left the village with her husband Kretor for deeper civilization.


A generally reserved undercity enforcer, Kretor developed a small rapport with Gorgoroth. When Reincarnated, this half-orc was returned as, oddly enough, a half-orc. His appearance is somewhat different though; most notably, his previously visible scarring is gone. He has since left Willowdale with his wife Morsa.


A former pirate captain who ran afoul of a mage and was turned into a small dog, Rattell now communicates telepathically. Though he was unmarked and, in theory, able to live inside the wall, he remained with the Knights for their two-year exile. Rattell is suspicious of others and quick to hurl insults, and especially does not like to be treated as a dog. He seems to have decided to stay in Willowdale for the time being, though he is usually difficult to find and doesn't seem to have anything in particular to do. Jura asked Goshan once about dispelling the polymorph effect; Goshan replied that it was safer to leave him as a dog.