The world and everything in it, as far as most people will ever know.

The continent upon which the Pathfinders find themselves. The majority of Laurasia's civilization is contained within the Great Wall that encircles it, but the wilds beyond that the Pathfinders explore are part of this land as well.

Laurasia is encircled by two seas, the Rheic to the west and the Tethys to the north and east; the Para-Tethys is an inland ocean which flows in from the Tethys. The continent of Vaalbara to the south is connected by land.

The capital and center of Laurasia is the city New Luxberg, a giant cosmopolitan metropolis and meeting place for the Laurasian countries, provinces, and other regions. The Laurasian govenment has a parliment and a senate, which are at constant disagreement with each other. Some parts of Laurasia, such as Ainrete, have local kings.

Countries of ImportEdit

  • Ainrete
  • Baltica
  • Callistan
  • Iberia
  • Laramidia
  • Laurentia (the "Center" of Laurasia)

Cities of ImportEdit

  • New Luxberg - The largest city in Laurasia, sometimes called "The Jewel of Civilization"
  • Avenida - Alejandra's old stomping grounds.
  • Preserveburg - Erevis worked his first mortuary in this mining town.