Endless bonefield

The earth itself seems loath to accept the dead.

The sun begins to sink under the horizon, but the twilight seems no less eerie then the midday. You hear whispers at the edges of the wind, but you see nothing that could make a sound.

Also called the "Fell Fields", this region is a giant graveyard, filled with the ruined remains from wars long forgotten. It lies to the north of the Northern Badlands, beyond the Golden Fields.

Much of the area is marshy, with soft terrain and persistent fog, but in the heart of the fields the terrain is so littered with the bones of the dead that they crunch underfoot. Stranger still, old stone mausoleums and shrines to dead gods still stand amidst rows of thousands and thousands of tombstones.

Though the area is rife with strewn bones, open graves and an ominous feel, no corpses have yet been seen to rise with unlife. However, ghosts and other incorporeal spirits have been viewed with disturbing regularity, and a banshee was encountered close to the Shrine to the Twin Gods of Destruction.

Points of Interest

  1. Rathbone the Red's Tower - The secret cellar to this ruined tower is a magical dungeon, recently created by the late owner. It has been partially explored.
  2. Shrine to the Twin Gods of Destruction - Dedicated to The Axehand and The Arch-Psion. While fully explored, the shrine is ready to grant powers to those bearing offerings.
  3. Barrow Mound - One of two burial sites found close to the border of the Northern Badlands.