Almost certainly not this adorable.

When you enter the tavern, you're met by a warm hearth, the smell of a good meal, and a matronly orcish woman with a smile.

Martha is a middle aged half-orc woman, as well as the owner and operator of the Willowdale tavern Boar & Thistle. She is a very capable woman who serves the tavern customers, runs the inn, keeps a vault service, and handles all of the financial transactions pertaining to the business. Amidst all of these jobs, she keeps a pleasant attitude and a sharp memory, able to keep track of everyone's name, room and food preferences. When any new adventurer comes to town and inevitably goes to the Boar & Thistle for a room, she introduces them to the other Pathfinders.

Ned tells of how Martha's late husband brought her home to Willowdale after a trip to New Luxberg, which was quite scandalous at the time.

Martha is a member of the Secret Society of Willowdale, a council that manages town affairs. She also participated in the Battle of Willowdale, using a longsword and shield as well as a hunting bow.

Martha was seen less frequently in the Boar & Thistle at the beginning of the new year, delegating meals, laundry services, and tavern duties to her employees. Her disappearances were attributed to illness, but were later revealed to be the result of a pregnancy. The town was kept unaware of this for months, excluding the Pathfinders and Valconey, who had been placing illusion magics on her to keep her development a secret. Shortly after the destruction of the Necromancer, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl, who she named Tamoko at the suggestion of Kat. However, Tamoko was not inclined to take over the Boar & Thistle, and when Martha grew too old to manage the Inn she instead named Jura as the proprietor.

Martha lived to be quite old for a half-orc, first serving for several years as Willowdale's Mayor.