Montane savannah

Prairies which exist just east of the Sawtooth Vale, accross the Trollveggen. The open fields and northern grasslands are home to large herds of mammals, like buffalo and horses.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Night Hag Covey - A covey of night hags is alledged to sometimes meet in the Savannah.
  2. Shrine to Sarenrae - A simple mound-shaped marker surrounded by a lush field of flowers.
  3. Obelisk of Law - Stone structures carved with various commandments. The Demiplane of Judgment was accessed through this structure, though the extraplanar link may now be defunct.
  4. Cavern of the Tarrasque - An underground cave where a legendary terrasque slumbers. Arcane casters get headaches while in the immediate area.