Pity you don't stop marching and enjoy the scenery. 'Cause then a roc would eat you.

Rocky plains, and open hills stretch out with the dark shapes of forests and mountains to the north.

Beyond Gorgoroth's Bridge lies the Open Steppe, the eastern continuation of the Northern Badlands beyond the gorge. The terrain here is rocky and hilly like the badlands, but scattered forests dot the area. The Lost Highway leads through the region, leading apparently towards the Ruined City in the Ashen Plains, providing a quick method of travel. To the north is the Drunken Frith and the village of Gullykin.

A variety of large animals have been encountered in the Steppes, including rocs and mastodons.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Gullykin - A small peaceful village of halflings that exist unscathed in a harsh wilderness.
  2. Shrine to Coyote - A shrine to the trickster god, Coyote, complete with false door.
  3. Elven Watchtower - A green-stoned tower, warded against interlopers by ancient elven magic.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. Lost Highway - Leads northwest-southeast from Gorgoroth's Bridge.