Red pyramid (1)
A pyramid in the Hyrcanian Desert, constructed of red sandstone and referred to in Kharis' tomb as the "Red Pyramid."

Rhekmire has commented that the pharaoh entombed therein was a man of infamous lechery, and he likely entombed his all-female royal guard detail/harem with him. This was indeed found to be the case when the pyramid was explored. Twelve female mummies were discovered entombed in four sarcophagi. Based on the bolts on the sarcophagi, the scratching on the lids, and the ungol dust found within, the women were likely sealed in the tomb while alive and allowed to die a slow death by the poison. Each mummy was found to wear a wedding ring.

The pharaoh himself was not undead, but was entombed in a second room next to a woman who was presumed to be his favorite wife. The pyramid was full of grave goods and works of art, most of which were left undisturbed by the first Pathfinders to pass through. In particular, a model of the surrounding desert was found in a secret basement room underneath the main burial chamber. Rhekmire recalled that the models had been popular for some time, and that Ananka must have enjoyed that hobby.

When the Pathfinders first entered the pyramid, several were affected by a wasting curse that Rhekmire predicted would within hours begin to drain their health and turn them into wraiths. The curse was thankfully lifted by a visit to the nearby Shrine to the Dead Gods.

The unnamed Sphinx has also been encountered at the pyramid's pinnacle.