Red Forest

There is a red and angry forest. Red things happen there.

The undergrowth here is nonexistent and the leaves are a deep red, though it is not yet fall. Strangely-shaped creatures move about the forest.

The Red Forest is a perfectly circular patch of the Great Cedar Forest, wherein all of the trees are red in colour instead of their normal green. There is no sign of normal forest life within the bounds of the crimson trees, as all of the birds and animals appear to be gone. In their place, abominations roam freely, including such beasts as gibbering mouthers and rust monsters, which are unfazed by the odd aura of the land. Upon first entry, the Pathfinders experienced an awful weakening feeling upon entering the area, but this draining sensation has since been eliminated by their efforts.

At the center of the area stands the Alchemist's Tower, a tall cylindrical building that was once home to an accomplished alchemist, who was found dead within. The large crystal within the tower was found to be the cause of the unnatural disturbance in the surrounding area. Now destroyed, the effect of the crystal has been slowly wearing off the land, removing the life-draining effect. Recently, some green plants have been found to be making headway into the forest, and natural creatures such as giant wasps have begun to scout the area; meanwhile, the abberrations that remain within the forest appear to be sickening.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Alchemist's Tower - Former home of an accomplished alchemist and former receptacle of a large crystal, the source of the environmental disturbance.
  2. Limestone Quarry - An abandoned quarry. A foul smell eminates from the caverns, and they are said to be a home for otyughs.
  3. Limnol Lake - A crater-based freshwater lake located within the forest, where the crystal of the Alchemist's Tower was supposedly found.

Routes and RiversEdit

  1. River Dawn - Heads at Limnol Lake and flows to the west.