Reverend mother

The Reverend Mother is blunt but fair, and has seen more then a few things in her time.

As you enter the second-storey room, you see an elderly lady dressed in the habit of her faith. She is casually smoking and looks like she wants you to get to the point.

The Reverend Mother of the Temple of Yoma was an older woman, in charge of all of the daily happenings of the church. She was rather blunt in her speech, tending to forgo niceties in lieu of getting a point across, and was always to be found with a cigarette in her mouth. Regardless, she was both skilled and knowledgable, especially regarding healing and religous matters. She had some insight regarding the Church of St. Christopher, and rewarded the Pathfinders for finally purging the corruption that plagued it for the last fifty years. She sometimes assisted the Pathfinders with powerful spellcasting, such as by calling Sparkle Pony as a Planar Ally in order to help rescue Kat, or healing Kishori of her feebleminded state.

The Reverend Mother was a member of the Secret Society of Willowdale, a council that manages town affairs.

During the Battle of Willowdale, the Reverend Mother died when a portion of the wall collapsed. The Pathfinders originally suggested reincarnating her into a younger body, which she refused, as she did not want to outlive her husband and children. Instead, she was resurrected so that she might continue to aid Willowdale.

When the Disciples of the Necromancer attacked Willowdale, she was one of the citizens who was kidnapped and subsequently killed. Her spirit was free to find the afterlife after the Necromancer was destroyed. When the Pathfinders contacted her spirit for last words, she only said, "So it goes."