80 turns

Rodinia was once considered "The New World" to Ancient Laurasians.

An ancient continent exists far west, beyond the Rheic Sea and a series of islands. Scrying spells and magical methods of communication have all failed to reach between Laurasia and Rodinia, though in theory it is possible to make a dangerous voyage across the Rheic Sea.

It is said that roughly 2,500 years ago, Rodinia and Laurasia started an inter-continental war that ended with the mutual destruction of both civilizations, plunging the world into a great dark age. Though the continents have been isolated from each other since then, certain Laurasian noble houses and lines of wizards trace their lineage to Rodinian survivors and travellers.

The ghost of Captain Taggart of the exploratory vessel Baychimo was able to confirm the existence of the rumoured continent. According to the captain, Rodinia is currently governed by a bureaucracy headed by noble houses. Monarchs are eleceted from among the noble houses; the current ruler is Queen Zelatoth.