Broom, The Ageless Traitor


Chaotic Evil


Destruction, Evil, Trickery, Chaos

Favoured Weapon



Symbol of the Arch-Psion

The Arch-Psion is one of the Twin Gods of Destruction, along with The Axehand; he represents the guile and deceptive power of the Twin Gods. Often the Arch-Psion is depicted as a thin, ghostly-white humanoid with white hair, with eyes in the palm of each hand. It is said the two gods were born mortals who made a dark bid for divine power or swore they would die trying: they slew a solar and usurped the powers of a dead god, before their own apotheosis. The Arch-Psion's symbol is an open left hand with an evil eye in the center of the palm, and his favoured weapon is the rapier.

A shrine to the Twin Gods stands in the Lichfields. Ruthea occasionally prays here specifically to the Arch-Psion, and in doing so has recieved several prophetic visions on a variety of topics directed to her from the inscrutable god.


The Arch-Psion was encountered in the flesh during the Pathfinders' recent trip through the planes. He was found, in the form of a tattooed changeling wearing sunglasses and swim trunks, suntanning on the beach of the demiplane known as the "Bird-Man's Prison." The Arch-Psion identified himself by an alternate title, "The Ageless Traitor," shared Pesh with Alejandra, took one of the rare paintings found behind the Doors to the North, and made a pass at Jura. He also said that his partner, the Axehand, was currently on the Material Plane.

Upon first arrival, Alejandra sensed the immense evil of the Arch-Psion and mistook him for the criminal Arcade, and proceeded to put the god into a headlock. The Arch-Psion took it in stride, finding the attack amusing, and told her that she would indeed find that man on a beach, but not here. He would later inform Arcade of the Pathfinders' arrival, giving him time to prepare for battle.

The God-EmperorEdit

The Arch-Psion's symbol was used by a warlord known as "The God-Emperor" during the dark times following the Apocalypse. For some time it was uncertain whether this was a coincidence or whether there existed a connection between the two entities. However, when a statue of the God-Emperor was discovered in the Shrine to the Dead Gods, the matter was resolved. The God-Emperor revealed that the Arch-Psion is in fact a later aspect of himself, though the two are separate entities. He also claimed that the apparent divine force belonging to the Necromancer is the "leavings" of a god that the original aspect of the Arch-Psion and the original aspect of the Axehand killed in their ascent to godhood. He also indicated that the Axehand could be located along a road outside the wall.