Yah-too, The Adamant Lord


Neutral Evil


Destruction, Evil, Glory, War

Favoured Weapon



Symbol of the Axehand.

The Axehand is one of the Twin Gods of Destruction, along with the Arch-Psion. The Axehand represents the fury and brutal power of the Twin Gods. The Axehand is depicted as a giant, black adamantine humanoid construct with a greataxe in place of its right hand. It is said that the two gods were born mortals who made a dark bid for divine power or swore they would die trying; they slew a solar and usurped the powers of a dead god, before their own apotheosis. The Axehand's symbol is a black two-headed executioner's axe with a bloody red pommel gem, and his favoured weapon is a double-headed great-axe.

A shrine dedicated to the Twin Gods stands in the Lichfields beneath a ruined cathedral.

According to a pale, tattooed man on a beach, the Axehand supposedly walks the mortal world. The God-Emperor stated further that he walks a road outside the wall.