Only the shells of buildings remain to distinguish the site.

The ruins of a school lay strewn over the rocky ground. While it may look different from the caves that dominate the area, it still carries the same ominous feel of a place of death.

A great magical school devoted to necromancy once stood here; now, there are only ruins. The students and teachers all fled the destruction or were killed. A conversation with a ghost of one of the teachers suggests that the school was destroyed by a powerful necromancer, jealous of other practitioners of the Art. Erevis, concerned about the state of the corpses, interred all of the remains of the slain students and teachers in a graveyard in Willowdale. It was this act that led to the creation of Chorus, an amalgamation of spirits that believes itself to be a necromancy teacher.

The ruins were briefly occupied by a lich known as The Third, who claimed to be a servant of the necromancer responsible for the visions experienced by the inhabitants of Willowdale. It has not been determined whether this necromancer is the same person that destroyed the school.

According to Wutog, the school was built by necromancers about two centuries ago, in order to study the Dead Canyons.