The physical resemblance is where it ends.

A pleasant-looking young cleric clasps her hands and bows to you, smiling softly. You begin to wonder how in the world she and her sister are related.

Fiona is Ruthea's older half-sister, a cleric (Merciful Healer ) and priestess of Sarenrae. Reveared for her wisdom and calm, kind-hearted nature, as well as her devotion to her family and friends, she works as a healer and a midwife.

The eldest (and only legitimate) daughter of the Kiernan family, throughout most of her early life Fiona was considered a disappointment, lacking the presence, charisma, and intelligence typical of the head of the family. It was decided that personality trumped blood, and that Ruthea would inheret the family name, while Fiona would marry into a different family and would be left to pursue her own calling, the Church of Sarenrae.

After Ru left home, her disappearance was quickly covered up and Fiona was married, an event she was opposed to, as she had wished to remain chaste. However, she has learned to love her husband, and in four years has given him three children, two girls and a boy, with a fourth on the way.

With Ru gone, Fiona has technically reclaimed her right as heir. She hopes for her sister's return so that she may focus entirely on her clerical studies.