Note: This information is pending the Trahan stamp of approval and should at this point be considered fanon.


Orc tribes are not as uniform as the hobgoblin legions, but some cultural constants remain. Orc tusks are one such object. The tusks are believed to contain the strength of the person. A broken tusk is seen to be as serious an injury as a lost limb, and saying that an orc has no tusks is a grave insult.

A person who possesses a tusk is said to be able to control the tusk's owner, a belief which sometimes leads to the removal of an enemy's tusks both to gain power over them and as a form of humiliation. Lost tusks are usually hidden, carefully protected, or ritually consumed. The fermented beverage Udruk, made with blood, boar's milk, and powdered tusk, is used in various ceremonies from tribe to tribe. Some tribes distinguish between Udruk made from primary tusks (Weak Udruk) and that made from an adult pair (Strong Udruk). Udruk is also identified with the individual whose tusk it contains, such that Udruk made from Jura's primary tusk could be referred to as “Jura's Weak Udruk.”

Tusks feature heavily in rituals of adolescence. In many tribes the loss of one's first pair of tusks and the growth of adult tusks indicates that a youth has come of age. Rites of passage into adulthood usually follow. A young orc may also drink his Weak Udruk or the Udruk of his ancestors upon acceptance into the adult tribe.

If not consumed in adolescence, tusks are often incorporated into weddings. In tribes where women are considered property to men, a bride's family will often give her primary tusks to her new husband to represent transfer of ownership. At times, this practice can become more brutal. One Orc King famously wore a necklace made from the adult tusks of his seven wives, ripped from their mouths on the wedding night. In more egalitarian tribes, couples may exchange tusks or drink each others' Weak Udruk. Jura's parents wear matching bracelets decorated with one of each of their tusks.

Some orcs will destroy a tribesman's tusks on his death in order to prevent others from using them to bind the dead orc's spirit. In other tribes, this is an insult to the dead. A dead orc's tusks can also be collected as ancestral totems or made into Udruk to give strength to the living.

Jura keeps one of her primary tusks in her spirit bag, where it serves to align the objects within to Jura's person. The other is in the keeping of Jura's parents.