Alright! I think now we are at the point where we, or at least the four of us, have made significant enough progress that we are going to be more heavily building off of each others work now, instead of making random, as-yet unrelated pages. So, can we make some basic style outlines to keep things consistent, in terms of page content/categorization? Otherwise I go bonky, because I'm a sorting nut.

Basically, we've got what? People, places and things. People are either NPCs or PCs. Places are either Regions, Landmarks or places in Willowdale. Things...well, we don't really have any things right now, other then card items and animals.

So, can we keep all information regarding places and people seperate? If you want to talk about a Landmark (what's in it, where it is, details about the building/place itself), make that its own page with the category Landmark, and whatever Region it's in. Region pages should have general info re: climate and indiginous creatures, and a shortlist of the interest points. If there is more then 2 sentences of description for the point of interest, it needs a Landmark page.

Information regarding specific people should be kept seperate from places. If a person has enough information that they can be discussed seperately from their location (usually in cases where the person is alive), they should have their own NPC page.

...I hope I don't sound like I'm coming off too militant, I just really like having things organized, and I worry that if we aren't organized now, we never will be.