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Welcome PathfindersEdit

These are player notes for a "West Marches"-style Pathfinder game.

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The SettingEdit

For ten generations, the civilized continent of Laurasia has been encircled by the Great Wall, which protects its borders from the wilderness beyond.

Now adventurers, mercenaries, heroes and knaves travel west into the great unknown seeking riches and glory. Who knows what awaits them in the untamed lands and ruined empires in the realm of the setting sun?

The MapEdit

The world map shows the lands and sites beyond the wall as the Pathfinders discover them. Each region and landmark on the map links to its appropriate page.

Table of ContentsEdit

  • Willowdale - A list of all of the buildings, businesses and people in Willowdale, the home base and staging ground for all sorts of adventures.
  • Regions - The varied and numerous regions that make up the land.
  • Landmarks - All of the castles, dungeons and other points of interest throughout the wilderness.
  • NPCs - Friends and foes, knights and knaves; all of the people that the Pathfinders have met so far. Some live in towns, of which some are armed.
  • Animals - All of the furry, feathered or scaly creatures that assist the Pathfinders: companions, pets and mounts.
  • Creatures and Villains - The races that populate the world, and the foes that the Pathfinders have encountered so far.
  • Forums - Forums for detailing quests, logging events, dividing up treasure and other miscellanious group-related discussions.
  • Epilogue - The story is done, but the world lives on!
  • The Doctor's Basement - Dedicated to all of the out-of-character comments, jokes and pictures you want to post.
  • Humour - Meta-game shenanigans, ridiculous pictures, a grab-bag of music and ponies galore. These be strange waters.
  • Fiction - Stories relating to the Pathfinders' pasts and their reflections on current events. Other fiction welcome!
  • Top Ten Lists - Vote on your favourite areas, monsters, and top 10 lists!
  • Style Guide - Blog articles pertaining to the stylistic format used in this wiki. For experienced Willowdale editors!

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