Wyrms teeth
These mountains exist south of the Bracken Valley and the Winterpeak Mountains; they seperate the Primeval Jungle from the Rheic Shores. There is apparently very good skiing on the western slopes, though violent weather conditions and frequent avalanches make it dangerous for unwary hikers.

A white dragon once prowled its territory on the eastern side of these mountains. As well, a yeti was found sleeping here, and a group of ice golems was seen marching in a perfect line, likely headed towards the Ice Garden.

Points of InterestEdit

  1. Shrine to Cygnus - Apparently a pilgrimage site for elves, a shrine to the god of balance is said to exist on the western slopes of these mountains.
  2. Fane of the Necromancer - A partially ruined series of halls, nestled between two peaks of the mountain range. Property of the Necromancer, it has been guarded by two of his disciples on both occasions the Pathfinders have visited.
  3. Shrine to Crom - A shrine to the god Crom stands amidst the peaks of the mountains. The Pathfinders have not yet investigated this site.
  4. Ice Garden - A box canyon filled with ice statues of all shapes and races. A cave system here once held the nest of Icaserat.