Harvest Goddess


Neutral Good


Community, Healing, Plant, Good, Travel

Favoured Weapon



Symbol of Yoma

Yoma, the patron goddess of Willowdale, is a harvest goddess whose domains include Nature, Community, and Healing. She is most commonly depicted as either a maiden, an old woman, or a kind matronly figure, keeping in line with the three classic goddess archetypes. Her symbol is a golden chalice with a red rose on the front, and the weapon of the faith is a flail, used traditionally for threshing grain or in certain religious dances, as opposed to combat.

Willowdale has a temple dedicated to Yoma, lead by the Reverend Mother.

Yoma was originally an elven goddess, with her proper Elven name being "Yomannon Aule". Over time, her worshipers came to include other races, and her popularity grew into what it is today.

A giant evergreen tree in the Western Rainforest is said to function as a shrine to Yoma, but it has yet to be definitively located.